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740 York Avenue
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Welcome to LEAP High School

LEAP High School is an Alternative Learning Center(ALC) high school and part of the St. Paul Public Schools. LEAP currently serves 250 English language learner immigrant and refugee students. We are a school that exemplifies the American dream. Coming from over 25 countries beset with poverty, war, oppression, and forced migration, our students find LEAP to be a welcoming, safe, and nurturing community. Whether having previous school experience, or having never been in school before, LEAP students embark on a carefully tailored journey into learning the English language and state required high school academic content. In four years, LEAP High School students accomplish what researchers (Collier and Thomas, 1988; Cummins, 1981) say should take seven to ten years: becoming academically proficient in English and, in turn, earning a high school diploma.

During their time at LEAP High School, students take career exploration and advanced writing classes that prepare them for entry into two-year and four-year college programs. At LEAP High School, students not only achieve a high school diploma, they gain the skills to continue in the American dream of going to college. Over 80% of all graduates successfully enroll in post-secondary education programs. LEAP High School students, inthe words of a Karen parent, “[Are] the future leaders of our country. Our hope. They will go back and lead us to real democracy.”

LEAP High School Mission Statement 

LEAP High School’s mission is to be a national leader in preparing immigrant students to become global citizens and critical thinkers. We do this by:

  • providing an engaging school experience
  • bridging cultural and language barriers
  • meeting individual learning needs
  • building English language fluency

. . . so that all students graduate prepared for a positive role in society. 

Contact Us

LEAP High School
740 York Ave
St Paul, MN 55106

Grades: 9-12

School hours: 8:30 a.m.- 3 p.m.