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By Laws

LEAP Site Council By-Laws


Section1.01.  The name of this organization shall be the LEAP Site Council, here after referred to as the Site Council.



Section2.01.  Pursuant to District guidelines and policies, the Site Council will ensure that the school’s mission and the Council’s By-Laws are attained.  LEAP Site Council mission is to develop creative, independent thinkers who can work cooperatively to solve problems.    

Section 2.02.  The mission of the organization shall be to promote excellence in education for LEAP students by soliciting ideas for improvement; facilitating problem-solving; and encouraging development, implementation and evaluation of school’s programs among all constituencies including staff, students, administrators, parents, community members, and interested citizens.

Section 2.03.  The Site Council is the representative decision-making body of LEAP. The decision-making role of the Site Council will be appropriate to the team’s role in the school, will respect the roles and authority of the principal and committees, and will evolve with the support of the school’sprincipal, staff and parents. 



Section 3.01.  The Site council’s membership will comply with the Minnesota State Law and District guidelines.

Section 3.02  The Site Council shall consist of10 voting members including (1) the principal, (2) AFT representative, (3) community person from an organization that our school has an on going relationship with, (4,5,6) staff member,(7, 8, 9) three parent  representatives,(1) student.  The membership of the Site Council will strive to reflect the diversity of the student body. Students will be invited to the Site Council as needed.