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Counseling Services

LEAP Support Services (School Counseling & Social Work)

There are many things that the counselors at LEAP can help you with.

Graduation Requirements

  • Go over your CLP (Continuous Learning Plan), look at your graduation status, evaluate your transcript from other district and/or country, adjust your class schedule according to credits still needed for graduation.
  • Review your GRAD Test status and test scores with you.
  • Referral to other ALC schools (Gordon Parks night school & Summer school) for credit recovery.

College and Career Planning & Information

  • Review your GPA (Grade Point Average)
  • Give you information about College Admission Requirements
  • Practice ACT and Accuplacer Tests packets
  • Help guide you through the college application process including the FAFSA (financial aide forms).
  • PSEO (A program where you can take college classes while in high school).
  • Career information. For example: Program of study, job trend, career outlook, wages, education requirements, etc.
  • Scholarship information as they are available.

Personal and Social Counseling

Help find resources to help you with issues that interfere with your school such as:

  • peer conflict
  • family issues
  • housings
  • other personal issues that bother you

We would like to be able to help you. Please find time to stop by and introduce yourself. By getting to know you better, we can find the right resources and give you the accurate information to help you be a successful learner here at LEAP.