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LEAP Alumni

If you are a former LEAP student or worked for LEAP, we would like to hear from you. Please contact any of the current LEAP teachers or the web admin to let us know where are you and what are you doing. We would like to keep the LEAP family together, we care about each of you, and we hope you are doing well!

Some updates:

Kidst Gebretsadik: Is an RN and she is now working at Regions Hospital.

Alez Gebretsadik: Has her Master's in Social Work, and is in the running for a position in London, because of the shortage of social workers there.

Alem Gebretsadik: Graduated with her BS and is moving down to Dallas to go to graduate school. 

Cassie, a former art teacher at LEAP, finished her degree as a school counselor and is now a high school counselor.

Panghoua Moua received her Associate's Degree from Inver Hills and is now working towards her four year degree in business management. Her husband, Koua Fong Lee is following in her footsteps at IHCC.

Roberto Maldonado is doing really well taking over his father's ranch and is now married.

P Kwa Htoo has a daughter.

Karyl Maier graduated from Hamline in 1996 with a M.Ed. in ESL and has been teaching ESL since then.

Julio Gonzalez and Marley Ramirez have a son.

Hassan Usman (his brothers are Kassiem and Bashir, who were also LEAPers) is the manager at TJ MAXX in Sun Ray.

Check out this website about Daniele Volpicelli as head chef at Trattoria DaVinci in St. Paul. For those of you who don't know Daniele,he graduated in 2006 and he wanders into LEAP every couple of months with Fred Byakweli another LEAPer from the Congo. They just can't stay away; that's what is so great about LEAP.

Karam is from Iraq and attended LEAP for a couple of years then transferred to job corps.  He called school the other day and left me a message to say that he has graduated from job corps, so he has his high school diploma and registered certified nursing assistant papers. He is leaving March 7th for Utah to have a job driving semis!  

Needless to say, our students are doing great things with their lives.

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